Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seen today

As I was driving to lunch from the base where I drill I spied a tiny little car in front of me.  A Nash Metropolitan!   This was the original 'smart car' a miracle of compactness.  My aunt Jean had one, a pink and white convertible as I remember. She wasn't really my aunt, she was my father's niece but we called her aunt Jean.  She was a lively and funny lady and once put out her cigarette on the back of my hand as we rode in the back seat of my parent's 57 Plymouth.  She thought she was putting it in the ash tray on the arm rest but my hand was in the way.  I yelled and knocked the cigarette flying where it landed on the clear plastic seat cover and melted a hole right through it! She was stylish and had a loud laugh and was always very nice to us children.  Even though she was my father's niece they were close in age and was the only relative of my father's except for his brother that I can remember.
The car I saw today was the same color as the one in this picture borrowed from the Internet.  It was cute and looked showroom new and very tiny.  It looked like fun but not for a normal size adult male like me.  A nice bit of nostalgia and a quick flashback for me to younger times.

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  1. That is so cool! I love, love, love old cars....perhaps something I learned from my father.