Sunday, April 14, 2013

One TV show I am watching and one I quit

The Missus and I started watching "The Following" with Kevin Bacon as a replacement for "Fringe" which ended recently.  Why are we watching it?

1. It has Kevin Bacon in it.  How can you not watch a show with an actor named Bacon?
2. It is creepy.
3. It is a creepy show on the Fox network.

So far we are enjoying except that the bad guys seem to have extraordinarily good luck  and the good guys the reverse.  The wife is stupid and someone needs to introduce Kevin to the concept of a back up piece in an ankle holster.  Other than that so far so good.

We also started watching "The Americans" on the recommendation of Older Son.  He likes it but after three episodes we had to ditch it.  The premise regards a pair of Soviet agents posing as husband and wife in 1980s America.  I didn't like the stories but even more so as a cold war warrior I'm not going to watch a show that sympathetically portrays enemies of this country who are actively working for our downfall.   I mean, how about a show that portrays German agents posing as a husband and wife in wartime America actively working for our defeat and the triumph of fascism and Nazi Germany over the world?  That would go over well, wouldn't it? 

We're waiting for the premier of "Defiance" on Monday and hopefully it will be a worthy fill-in for "The Walking Dead" for Young Son and I until the next season starts.

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