Saturday, April 13, 2013

What is the best age?

The other day at work someone implied that I was soon going to be in the age range to collect social security.  I corrected the person (no, I didn't do violence to his person but close) and told him that on the outside I may look as I do but on the inside I am 25.  I mentioned this to the Missus later and she said that 25 is too young, perhaps 35 is a better age.

I thought about it some more.  18 is too young.  No personal resources, acne, insecurity...who needs it?   25 was a time for me to just be starting on my married journey with the missus which was a wonderful time in my life, very exciting and fun.  By 35 I was reasonably secure financially, started a new job in a new state, was still fit and flexible, no grey hair and no glasses.  Maybe 35 is the best age.

But, I guess the best age is wherever you are at because it means you are still above ground and kicking!

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