Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Grouch family and a young visitor

A couple weekends ago we had the pleasure of a very young visitor in the house who stayed the weekend with us.  She is two and a very sweet girl but very active.  She does many of the things that I remember our children doing at the same age including signaling that she wanted pick up by lifting her arms into the air and making finger motions like she was grasping something.  I knew immediately what was needed.  So cute!   I don't know how those Hollywood celebrities do it, having children when they are in their 50s.  One weekend was enough to wear both the Missus and I out!

She loved the piano!

Composing her own tune

Everything was removed from the shelves by her.  We got to put it all back

She is as cute as can be and a sweet, sweet child.  It was fun taking her to church and for walks through the neighborhood in her stroller.  We will miss her.

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  1. I miss her too. I sent a CD along with her with these pictures, so while she may not remember us, maybe she will see the pictures and think of us.