Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Grouch goes back to school

I was fortunate to be selected by the California Military Department for an education grant so I starting on a Masters of Leadership degree at a local college.  Yesterday was the orientation morning.  The head of the program stated that our blood pressure levels, undoubtedly elevated at the thought of being in school would be much lower at the end of the orientation since we would know everything about the program.  Let me say that the more I heard the higher my blood pressure went!  The program is a one year endeavor which means one night a week for four hours and lots of reading, writing, presenting, and a capstone project due at the end of the year.  Yikes, what have I gotten myself into?!  

Then I went to the bookstore to find the textbooks and learned to rent two books will cost $65, parking for the year is $140 and I am the oldest person in the class.  I hope I can keep up.

Stay tuned for further reports.


  1. Good grief! I better not think about it too much or I might give up on going back to school myself. Good luck, and keep the details coming!

  2. Yes, I want all the details also- and Congratulations as well! I thought it was an online course? That would have saved on parking at least.