Sunday, January 6, 2013

Arnold's tank

I saw today that the former Governator has the M47 tank that he drove when a draftee in the Austrian army stashed at Melody ranch in our hometown.  There is a cowboy poetry event held there every year which the Grouch family has attended in the past.  I had the opportunity to view the military equipment collection mentioned in the article about 15 years ago when the foolishly left the gate open and I walked in and got the grand tour.  Nice people and a great collection!

The article:

Be sure to watch the video also.  When I was at Ft. Carson in the early 80s the Army used radio controlled M47s as moving targets on the tank gunnery range.  I got a call one day when I was duty officer that one of them was on fire 'down range' as it was called.  There wasn't much I could do but suggest that they call the fire department and stand back.


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