Sunday, January 27, 2013

Goodbye 'Fringe"

I have been a fan of the TV show "Fringe" since the very beginning and the Missus joined me in my love of the show over the last several seasons.  The final show of the series was on last week but we weren't able to watch it because the DVR wasn't programed for a two hour finale and only gave us the last hour.  Yesterday we watched the first hour on the internet at the Fox website and tonight we got the second hour that we had recorded.  It was an exciting end for the show and a bittersweet end too. 

I enjoyed the characters in the series and of course the weird story lines.  The show's gadgets were very realistic looking...gadgets, with flashing lights and gleaming metal and translucent plastic, just what I'd expect advanced technology to look like.  But the real draw for me were the characters themselves and the themes of the show:  love, loyalty, a belief in God, the importance of family, dedication to one's duty, and self sacrifice for others.  Kind of surprising these days with the cynical attitude in the entertainment world towards these ideas. 

An episode that has always stuck with me involved a scientist who had a harsh quarrel with his fiance days before their wedding and left her in anger.  She was killed in an accident shortly after that.  He developed a way to time travel to go back to just before the accident to be with her; she was overjoyed to see him back again after having left shortly before angry over their argument.  Then the truck slammed into them and they were both killed but were together.   It also weaves in Walter Bishop's view of God and God's forgiveness of him for his past sins.  A very powerful episode.  Read the synopsis here:

I'm sad to see the show go.  It was something that the Missus and I shared the enjoyment of and the stories were always entertaining but  I am thankful that the series wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion to the whole thing.

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