Saturday, March 31, 2012

Young Son's last pop concert

Recently Young Son had his last school band Pops concert.  For those not in the know with the Grouch family, Older Daughter and Younger Daughter were also both in the school marching band (at the same time) and also participated in the Pops concerts over the years.  Now that Young Son is our last fledgling at the estates there are a series of 'lasts' for him and for the parents.  Fittingly this last pops concert for him was a rousing success!  I enjoyed it immensely and it was exciting to see him as a skilled member  of the band in a fantastic performance.   The band director invited Billy Vera and his sax player to play a couple sets with the band.  I had never heard of Billy Vera but when we heard a  couple of his songs we realized that yes indeed we had heard him on the radio.  A surprise performance was four freshman girls who laid out about 4 dozen hand bells on a long table and proceeded to play 'The Can-Can' on them at a frantic pace.  Not only were they good and didn't miss a beat but watching them weave around each other to grab the correct bell was a real treat and a performance worthy of being on the Ed Sullivan show. They got a (justified) standing ovation.   The school show choir did a Glee-like performance and the flag girls not only did their flags, threw drill rifles in the air and twirled sheathed sabers but also did an interpretive dance to the theme from Call of Duty-Black Ops "Blackhawk"!

The whole concert was wonderful and brought a tear to my eye when it was over.  What a way to close out a senior year at band!


The Grouch is engrossed in the performance, the Missus is too but she has to keep working on a baby quilt to meet a deadline.

Billy Vera and sax man jam with the band!

The jazz section of the marching band.  Of course Young Son is there!

The flag girls do their thing and do it well.

The band marches in place!

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  1. I wish I hadn't missed it! At least I got to experience it via the blog.