Friday, March 16, 2012

Precious Puppy Pictures

So Kerby (not Kirby, turns out we've been misspelling her name all this time) has been with us for one week.  She is growing and chewing everything in sight.  She is making it through the night without having to go out but still hasn't figured out that bodily functions are to be done outdoors and not on the carpet.  Good thing we were planning on having the carpets cleaned soon anyway.   Kerby has taken to Roscoe and pounces on him until he chases her around.  Molly wants nothing to do with Kerby.  They'll have to work it out I guess. 

Her are some puppy photos:

Kerby soon after arriving at Grouch estates

Young Son with Kerby

Kerby taking a rest with Roscoe.  Does he look long-suffering or what?
Kerby this Thursday, almost a week from moving in with us.  She's already growing enough to see the difference from a week ago!

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  1. Nice that she is sleeping through the night! Poor Roscoe!

    If she isn't messing her crate, but is messing the house, you are giving her too much freedom. If you catch her in the act of having an accident, it is ok to lightly scold her as you put her outside. If she looks scared that is too much scolding and could lead to her refusing to go potty in front of you (including outside.) If I catch a puppy in the act, I scoop her up (even if she is still going) and carry her outside. In your case, the regular back would have to do. Then put her down and praise when she finishes. If you don't catch her in the act, it is going to be hard to housebreak her! More crate time= less accidents and faster housebreaking.