Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Death Valley 2012 part 3

Day three had us on another tight schedule:  We had Mosaic canyon to visit, then the long drive back home in enough time to get ready for work the next day.  No time to waste!  

our humble home for our stay in Death Valley.  Reminiscent of the motels my family stayed in traveling by station wagon to Florida each summer.  The gas fired space heater came on with a loud bang at night each time it got cold enough in the room.

Mosaic canyon is an amazing geological slice in the rocks that show the violent upheaval and folding of the rocks over millions of years.  A college geology class was in the canyon at the same time as us and we learned some things by listening in to the Prof as he taught his field class.   This is Young Son examining an interesting sight.

We could've hiked all day here!

Young Daughter and Son

An example of the amazing folding to the rock layers in the canyon

The Grouch doing what he likes - out for a hike
All too soon we had to head for home, but one last interesting sight before we left the park - this looks like the way to do adventure traveling!

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