Saturday, March 10, 2012

A new family member at the Grouch clan

Our two family dogs Roscoe (11 year old Australian Shepherd dog) and Molly (9 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd or maybe Sheltie) are game for anything but are showing a bit of reluctance to make the 5 to 10 mile walks that the Missus does every weekend.  I guess age catches up with everyone sooner or later.  We got an email from Young Daughter earlier this week that she heard through the dog rescue network that a pair of Australian Shepherd dogs and 9 puppies were turned in to the Australian Shepherd rescue group for placement in good homes.   We raised our hand and volunteered to take one of the female pups with the idea that not only will we give a good home to a homeless puppy but at the right age our new family member will be the long distance companion for the Missus on her walk while the senior dogs will enjoy a life of short walks and laying about in the sun.

So, here are some pictures of Bean (aka Roxie, Rango, Moxie, Mitzi, Kitzie, and numerous other trial names) after 24 hours at Grouch Estates.  Pictures courtesy of Young Daughter
Bean enjoying the run of the back yard
Bean and Molly.  A family resemblance?  Are they long-lost 2nd cousins?
Molly, Bean, and Roscoe checking out something very interesting
The dog cousins: Dottie, Fancy, Bean, Pie, Molly Roscoe


  1. Laura is convinced that Molly is Bean's mother. She said, maybe Molly had puppies before Nana and Grandad got her, just like Moxie did. She also cannot wait to visit again, and meet the new puppy. I feel for Roscoe, he looks like he is thinking, "Not this again!"

  2. And how could I forget to remark on just how cute she is?!?! There was actual squealing here at our house this morning, from me and Laura.

  3. You picked a good one! I still want to know how the pup ended up next to Fancy in the picture? Fancy is the type to yell at kids for playing on her lawn, and spray them with the hose to chase them off. And yet, the puppy was so well behaved, she didn't even seem to mind.