Friday, March 16, 2012

Grouch and Son Garage Door Opener Repairers

So, after our triumph of a couple years ago with repairing our grandfather clock we moved on to a smaller repair job.  Literally.  The remote opener for the garage door has been working intermittently for about the last year.  I figured that it needed a new battery so I procured the electrical energy storage device (battery) and proceeded to open up the remote to change the battery only to be brought up short by the sight of a teeny-tiny piece of electrical componentry laying in the opener case.  Much to my surprise I didn't immediately twitch my hand and send the teeny-tiny piece of American designed and no doubt Chinese assembled electronics into the dark regions of the garage where I was standing.  

Obviously the piece that came adrift from its moorings was why the opener wasn't working.  The question was whether I could re-attach the T-T piece to the circuit board.  The first challenge was figuring out where it went.  I didn't have anything to compare it to, so using some tweezers I held the item and placed it in various likely spots on the board.  I found a spot that looked reasonable to me.  The next step was hold it in place. But with what?  Superglue?  Then I remembered the soldering iron that Older Son left at the house from a project he worked on.  He left the soldering wire too!

My last experience with this type of repair equipment was when I was a kid.  All I managed to do was melt the circuit board with the iron.  Here I was decades older with worse eye sight and hands not nearly as steady as in my youth.   Would I succeed?

Ok, enough with the melodrama.  Yes, I succeeded much to my surprise.  The thing works better than ever.   Just to brag, here is a picture with the T-T piece reattached, or at least attached.  If this wasn't the original spot for it, it seems to work just fine anyway!  The quarter is for scale.  There usually isn't a coin riding around inside the opener.

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