Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kerby pictures!

I think I read somewhere that a newspaper editor said something about always leading with stories with pictures of babies and puppies.   I don't have any baby pictures to share but my reading public seems to be demanding puppy pictures so here are more of Kerby.  She is growing so fast that pictures taken over only several days seem to show her growth!   Kerby is starting to fit in with Roscoe and Molly and she really seems to favor Roscoe although this doesn't stop her from deviling him by jumping on him and nipping him whenever she can.  Poor Roscoe, he just looks at her with sad eyes like 'why me?' although occasionally when he's had enough he will chase her around and show Kerby that the old dog still has energy left.
Kerby seeking reassurance from the Missus

Can she be any cuter?

That chew bone started with Roscoe.  Kerby laid down next to him, nonchalantly took it away from him and started to chew on it.  She was unimpressed by Roscoe's fiercesome sounding growls.  You could say she saw that he was all growl and no bite.

Roscoe contemplating how uncomplicated his life was before Kerby arrived.

Molly is pretending that Kerby isn't there and if she closes her eyes, when she opens them again maybe Kerby will be gone.  It didn't work.

Just the other day.  She is growing!
Molly only thinks this toy is hers!

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