Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Trip!

Young son and I went with my buddy to find the snow today. Our usual close spot was only wet (did I mention it was raining?) and 42F so no snow there. We had to get higher. We drove up to Frazier Park and towards Mt. Pinos recreation area. At about 6,000ft slushy snow started showing on the ground. At the top we were above 8,000ft, the temperature was 28F and the snow was waist deep! Unfortunately I forgot to bring my snow shoes so after trying and failing to walk in the snow young son set to sledding. We stayed for about an hour then headed lower to eat our lunch in the Jeeps (my friend had his also) and then back home. I'm going back, maybe this weekend to go snow shoeing!

The Forest Service building at the Mt. Pinos parking lot

Young son preparing for the cold

Citizen Grouch wishing he had his long handled underwear on
Young son on the slopes

Young son almost wipes out some other sledders!

Lunch time before heading home to warmth and more rain!

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  1. Brr! It looks like fun though, and makes me wish I had had a sled on Sunday when we had all of our snow! I was going to make do with a cardboard box, but Moxie gave me a judging look so I abandoned that plan. I also didn't have proper snow gear--I have a good jacket and hat, but only cheesy running gloves, jeans, and rain boots. Yes, rain boots. I hang my head in shame.