Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Grouch Heads East! - Part IV - a visit to Mt. Vernon

We couldn't visit the D.C. area without stopping to see George Washington's estate at Mt. Vernon.  Luckily for us it was only about 15-20 minutes from Older Son's house and our trusty GPS directed us to it without a hitch.

If you are visiting the Washington D.C. area this is a 'must-see'.   Between the Missus and I, we've visited the Kennedy, Reagan, Ford, and Nixon library-museums and Harrison's house in Louisville KY.  When we retire we hope to keep adding to our presidential visits.

I think George was accurate in this statement

It was a beautiful day to visit Mt. Vernon, not too humid or hot

The gardens

Eagerly waiting our turn to enter the main building

Almost there!  No pictures allowed inside - you have to go in person to see for yourself

An invention of George's - the horses go round and round inside the structure and their hooves sift out the grain which fell below from the rest which stayed above.  That's the Missus headed up to see the demonstration
The grain fell here and would be stored until it could be further processed.  Pretty clever!

George's riding chair - just what a gentleman needed in that time

And his carriage

The memorials to the slaves who lived and died at Mt. Vernon

The resting place of George and Martha Washington

Other Washington relatives are buried outside of the mausoleum

George's resting place

Young Son contemplates the 'necessary'  Must have been a challenge in the winter!

Three spots, no waiting needed!

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