Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Grouch Heads East! - Part 5 - We head slightly west

It was time to leave Older Son and his lady friend and head west to the 'Burgh for my FIL's 80th birthday and a family reunion.  The Missus is deep into quilting and wanted to stop at two quilt shops along the turnpike at lovely Bedford, Pa.  We stopped and visited for awhile. Unfortunately one quilt shop was closed but the Missus spent time in the other so it was not a loss.  Downtown Bedford is charming and quiet and gave me thoughts of perhaps retiring there someday soon.  Of course the middle of summer is a lot easier on the body than the middle of winter and I hear that it snows a lot in Bedford.

Seen on the main drag in Bedford Pa.  George sure got around!

The Federal government has never had much of a sense of humor about taxes, home made alcohol, and firearms

We stopped for about 10 minutes here and went inside but time and cheapness prevented us from paying our entrance fee and visiting the museum.  Maybe next  time!

My nieces wanted to go shooting, so with a borrowed .22 rifle we traveled to the State Game Land range in Wexford that my father took me to as a 16 year old when he bought me my first .22 rifle.  It is improved from 40 years ago!

The Missus and I needed our retired ID cards updated so we traveled to the local ANG base to get this done.  On display are examples of most of the single engine fighters that they flew over the years.  Missing is an example of  the A7s that they had for a period of time.  This is the F-84

The F-47 and F-51 made of fiberglass.  For many years actual planes were on display but some years ago they were removed and taken to a museum

The F-102; I used to see these fly over my house as a kid in pairs.  They looked like space fighters to me!

One of my favorite things to do at the In-Law's place:  walk the Montour rails to trail path.  That's the Missus, Young Son, and Young Daughter.

Who us, tired and hot?

Seen across the street from the In-Law's estate.  Sweet view!

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