Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Grouch Heads East! - Part three: a quick visit to D.C.

So, after an extensive visit at the U/H air museum I was ready to call it a day...but I was the only one.  Older son said we had time for a quick trip to D.C. to see his lady friend and hit some sights in town, so off we went.  He used his mad driving and parking skills to get us into the center of the action and find a safe place to stash the rental car.  After he parked the car he and LF joined us for a walking tour of the nearby monuments and sights.

Don't let this picture fool you.  They were good for another 5 hours of sightseeing!

Young Son shows his approval of the cake that LF offered us when she joined up with the group.  Cake!  Yummmm

The view of the Washington monument from the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln memorial when we were there in March.  Not as many people for some reason...


March.  It was cold!

The Korean war memorial.  Very powerful and not as well known as the Vietnam war memorial.  I wish the sculptor hadn't clad the soldiers in ponchos but I guess it saved him time from having to detail the uniforms and web gear under the ponchos

Very realistic - a 1919A4 crew, assistant gunner and gunner calling to each other
The WW2 memorial

The entrance to the memorial is lined on both sides with these tablets that tell the war history in both the Pacific and European theaters.  Very well done.

Meeting the Soviets at the Elbe river at the end of the war

Each state and territory has a free standing column

For my Dad, Corporal Grouch, USAAF

A handsome couple!

After visiting these locations we walked a good distance to a dinner spot that Older Son wanted to try.  We passed several government buildings and museums along the way.  Much to see and do and little time to do it in!

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