Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Grouch Heads East - Part VI: Headed to Carolina

It was time to head to North Carolina and the next gathering of Grouch relatives.  This leg of the journey had only the Missus and Little Ladybug or LLB for short.  We drove through West Virginia and Virginia on the way to North Carolina.  West Virginia was stunning.  Very beautiful and the interstate in perfect condition.  We had rain on and off for a lot of the trip through the state.

As we drove along we saw signs for the New River gorge and bridge and being suckers for great views and unique visiting spots we decided that we had to stop and see what there was to see.

When I was in college I knew several people who did white water rafting on the New river, so I was aware of it but had never been there myself.  Apparently my overly brave brother in law has parachuted from the bridge.  This is yet another extreme sport that I am happy not to participate in!

Yay!  We cross the line from PA to WVA

We decided to have our lunch at the visitor center for the New river gorge.  When I was a lad and my family drove to Florida from Pittsburgh each summer we had our lunch each day at roadside picnic benches.  Some of them were so close to the road that we were in danger of our sandwiches getting blown out of our hands by the passing trucks!  Another time the idyllic looking spot was swarming with flies and we had to beat a retreat to the station wagon and drive on.  Those were the good old days!

These folks were from Canada.  Those are impressive trailers to haul behind a motorcycle

A view of the gorge

Outside the visitor center

A wooden path leads all the way to the bottom of the gorge.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to go very far on it.  Maybe next time!

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