Saturday, March 29, 2014

You just couldn't make this up - California Democrat firearms hypocracy

California state senator Leland Yee recently went after California gun owners with the apparent goal of turning the ownership of semi automatic long arms into a felony. He attempted to do this by  passing laws that declared common features on these as illegal.  Surprisingly Governor Brown saw how absurdly the law was crafted and vetoed it. Yee stated that he was going to keep submitting the law to the Governor until it was signed.

This week Yee was busted by the FBI for various nefarious crimes including...wait for it...trafficking in guns with international criminal gangs!   So, did he try to pass his crushing anti firearms law to limit the competition in gun sales?

The state Democrats who are now up to three legislative members on suspension for criminal activities are just shocked.  As if they had no idea.  And if the leadership didn't, then what kind of operation are they running?

Maybe, just maybe, the people of California will wise up and vote out enough democrats to put some balance into the completely democrat dominated state government.

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