Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Missus' new kitchen part drei

Here we are into week three - or is it week four of the grand kitchen remodel.  It is now starting to look like a kitchen.  The cabinets and counters are positioned and the tile is being set in place.  The Missus and the Artiste had a summit meeting recently about the liberties that the Artiste is taking with the Missus' plans and desires for the grand kitchen, the Missus didn't get everything set back to where she wanted it to be but she did get some small victories.  Such is how it goes when remodeling is happening.
The tulips are a nice touch!
There was much anxiety whether the sink would fit or not where it was planned to be.  It fit after the Missus got tough.
Nice tile work on the counter!  It is limestone with tiny fossilized sea shells imbedded in the tiles.

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