Friday, March 21, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Grouch visit Older Son in D.C. Part III

We visited D.C. and Older Son at his place of employ the day after the big snow storm that shut down the city.  Traffic was still somewhat snarled and it was cold!  The Missus finally got to wear her new winter coat in the environment that it was intended for.  We didn't see too many sights but it was interesting to note that tourists were still seeing the town even with the snow, the ice, the cold, and the city closing due to random snow and ice storms.  Touring is not for sissies!
We didn't have much time at all to see the usual spots in town.  Maybe we will pass through the area again this summer on our visit to our families in PA and NC.  Young Son will be working as an intern in D.C in the summer - a perfect reason to come again!
The Missus checks out the reflecting pool and the Washington monument.
The Washington monument repairs are about done!
Robert E. Lee's home and the national cemetery in Arlington VA. 

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