Saturday, April 5, 2014

What you should never say to your car

So the other day I told my faithful Dodge Stratus that it is a good 'ole car.  I bought it used and in a couple years put about 10k miles on it.  Really haven't had to do anything to it except four new tires.  I'm pretty happy with it and I told it so.

Big mistake.

Soon after telling it this, I decided to check the engine oil.  The dipstick handle broke off in the tube and the stick wedged in the tube to the point that it just wasn't going to come out. 

Just like most Americans, it cannot just accept a compliment and move on.  Nope, it had to show that it really wasn't worthy of the nice words I gave it.

I bought a new dipstick and tube and changed it out this morning.  The set up took longer than doing the job itself.  The Dodge parts counter guy told me that they sell a lot of Stratus dipsticks but they never get stuck in the tube when they break.  Lucky me!

Remember, if you are pleased with your car, never tell it.  It'll break something just to show you up.

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