Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Uninsured motorists

So the Missus got rear ended in her Escape the other day.  The other driver gave the Missus her insurance information and her apologies.  All seemed well until our insurance company called to say, well actually the other driver didn't have insurance after all.  This is the third time this has happened to the Missus.  Once in a parking lot the other driver told her that not only did he not have insurance but no driver's license either.  A guy in a rattle-trap pickup rear ended me in my Jeep a couple years ago.  When I got out of the Jeep he popped out of his truck shouting Illegal, Illegal!  No driver's license!   That was apparently the extent of his English.  Since the jeep had no damage but the grill on his truck was pushed in I waved him off and drove on.  No point on calling the LAPD for this type of incident; they take forever to show up for a shooting so they don't even come for a vehicle accident.


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