Friday, July 19, 2013

Gas station bevavior

So I had the pleasure of visiting the large but cheap price gas station in town today twice.  Since it is Friday and many people are planning on heading out of town for the weekend, the station was pretty busy.  Both times when I went there (with two different vehicles) all the pumps were busy and a couple vehicles were hovering ready for someone to move.  So, one would think with this type of activity going on folks would pump fuel into their vehicle and move on, right?  Ha!  I say again, Ha! And once more, Ha!

I drive around and see a woman get into her SUV.  The pump handle is racked so she must be ready to go.  Nope.  She has to comb her hair for a couple minutes first.  I move on.  A guy is sitting in his truck.  The pump handle is racked.  He must be ready to go.  Nope.  He's texting.  And texting.  Still  texting.  Now he gets out of the truck and starts to fuel.  I move on.  Here's a car sitting at a pump, no one in it.  No one standing at the pay window either.  In fact no one on foot anywhere except at the other vehicles being fueled.  Is the person waiting for their paycheck to show up in the mail so they can come back and buy some gas?   I move on and find a space as someone pulls away. 

That afternoon I come back in the Missus' Escape to fuel it up before driving to the mountains to pick up Young Son at camp.  Replay of the morning.   Here's a vehicle with someone sitting in it.  Not fueling.  Not texting.  Just sitting.  Is he meditating?  Hoping gas prices will drop while he waits?

Last one...someone is over at the cashier buying cigarettes while her car sits blocking a pump.  Seems like she's buying one pack of every brand they carry.  And paying with loose change and single bills.  The only thing more aggravating is the person at church who starts to write a check for the donation when the collection basket lands in her lap.

Anyway you  get the idea.  Listen folks,  when you go to buy gas, buy the darn gas and drive on!  You are buying fuel not renting space in front of the pump.


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  1. I think my biggest gas station annoyance is people on their cell phones while pumping gas. They may not care if they die, but I sure if I do!