Sunday, July 7, 2013

Citizen Grouch recommends...

The Missus and I went to see World War Z last Friday.  I'm always up for a good zombie movie and this one delivered the thrills and chills although not always in a logical and coherent way.  Brad Pitt was the U.N. official who gave up the world trouble shooting job (and here I thought the U.N. only caused trouble and didn't solve it, but what do I know?) who gave it up to be at home with his cute wife and cuter girls.  Apparently Brad's new job with the U.N. pays less because he can't afford a haircut or a new blade for his razor.  Anyway he and family are out for a drive when zombie hell breaks loose right on the streets of Philadelphia!!  No one seemed to know that a mysterious infestation of zombies was breaking out in the U.S., let alone Mr. Brad I'm the very well connected U.N. trouble-shooter Pitt?  But anyway, many chills and near death experiences occur along the way.  I give points to Mr. long hair Pitt's character for not being a namby-pamby when a loaded Remington 700 falls into his hands but instead using it to save his wife.  Bravo!  I do deduct points for the incorrect French made helicopters standing in for U.S. Navy Blackhawks, the ArmaLite AR15 in the hands of a Navy Seal (the U.S. military doesn't use ArmaLite brand rifles - I saw the brand name on the magazine well in a close up), the Soviet era AN-12 that morphed into a C-130 and back again, and the very elastic time frame for the zombie spin up to zombiehood once a person was bit.  Sometimes ten seconds, sometimes ten minutes, and to spread a world-wide plague like the movie portrayed, a number of days from infection to full on zombieness.   But other than that it was $20 well spent.  The Missus said it was suitably scary but the children of Brad in the movie were bad.  She should know being a mom and all.

Saturday we watched Trouble with the Curve with Clint Eastwood as an old and very grouchy baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves.  Amy Adams was his long suffering and ignored lawyer daughter with her own life to lead who must accompany her father on a scouting trip of high school baseball teams.  I don't know much at all about baseball and when I go to a game it is for the snacks, but I enjoyed the movie very much and to my surprise Justin Timberlake did a very good job as the romantic interest for Amy.  Clint was suitably grumpy and reminded me of myself which wasn't a good thing so I decided right then and there to try to be less grouchy because if I am like that now what will I be like when I'm his age?   The Missus and I give it  four stars.

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