Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July at Grouchland

As I have written before, the 4th of July is my absolute favorite non religious holiday.  It is fun and excitement from sun up to fire works at night.  

This year was no different; we started with the Rotary club pancake breakfast near the start of the city parade.  We claimed our spaces along the parade route right near the start by the reviewing stand so we could see the groups perform for the judges and make a quick getaway once the end of the parade passed by.

Our town's parade is eclectic....anyone who fills out an application can be in the parade.  No matter what the theme of the parade is, we always have the core elements that must be in the parade or its not a parade!

These are just a few of the many entries.

So, here we go!

Mr. and Mrs. Grouch and friends eagerly wait for the parade to start (I'm taking the picture so I'm not sitting there but my empty chair is present)
Got to have a Revolutionary war themed group!

And a marching band!
Smokey Bear always makes an appearance
Dogs are a must!

Then there are the 'just because' participants

If there aren't kids on bikes there's no point watching

Native Americans too (I'm a native American - I was born here)
Some guys who like to fly fish

Very energetic dancers from Bolivia

More Bolivian dancers.  This group was working hard!

Got to have horse and carriages!

Pretty girls are always part of the parade

And pretty ladies!

A miniature horse
More horses!

A yellow guy

Super heroes!

All sorts of vehicles

Imagine doing a high speed pursuit in that!

Antique cars

And more antique cars

And not so antique cars
You have to love a Jeep this ugly!

Whose bulldozer is bigger?

I think it is a tie!

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  1. I love that parade! The best year was when the Miata Club was in it! Looks like another good year. I like the Superhero's but the Yello Guy was odd.