Monday, February 25, 2013

Old guy at college

So here I am, an old guy at college.  I went to the school bookstore to return my rented textbooks and pick up the book for the next course.  The cute young thing behind the counter was completed puzzled as to why I wanted to return some rented textbooks.  "You are an instructor, right?"  she asked me very confused.  Nope, just a student like everyone else around here was my reply.  I guess she hadn't seen anyone of my vintage going to school!  

My second class started last week.  The instructor was congratulating all of us for being in the program and surmising that our motivation was to advance our careers, except for some who "are just here for the knowledge" he said while casting a glance in my direction.   What, old guys can't advance their career at this point my life?  Actually, I am there just for the knowledge but I don't need to have that pointed out to me!

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