Sunday, February 3, 2013

A grouchy grumble

So I had to go to the doctor's office the other day to schedule a 'procedure'.  Even though I have had the 'procedure' done by this same doctor twice now I had to fill out the same paperwork I have filled out before.  This time it consisted of three legal size sheets, front and back.  Not something I enjoy doing but we must do what must be done....except after filling out the first form I discovered the second form required 90% of the same information that I completed on the first form and the third form had about 75% of the same information demanded on form one and two!   What the hey!?

 This has to be Obama's fault somehow.

I completed the forms and got my date for the 'procedure'.  I considered lodging a complaint about the excessive paper filling out but I decided to keep quiet, otherwise the office ladies might mis-file the forms and make me do it all over again!

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