Sunday, February 3, 2013

Don't shop at Macy's!

Don't shop at Macy's because they were rude and inconsiderate to Young Son when he was seeking a job before the holiday shopping season.  Young Son went online to the Macy's website and applied for a job and much to his excitement received an interview date!  When the day came he rushed home from school, put on his best dress shirt and tie and resume in hand reported to the HR office for his interview.   The HR representative asked him why he was there; for my interview he replied.  The rep informed him that there were no openings and that the website gives appointments to anyone who applies whether there are openings or not.  He was told to leave.   Young Son was crushed.  He could understand not being selected for  the job, but getting his hopes up when there weren't any openings to begin with was really too much. 

I tried to console him by saying that any place that treated prospective employees that way is most assuredly not the place to work for.

Boo Macy's!

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  1. Wow, that's just awful. Why on earth would that be an approved practice?