Monday, February 18, 2013

Elsmere Canyon trail loop hike redux

Several weeks ago on another long weekend the Missus and I took a hike on the new Elsmere canyon trail loop but because it wasn't very clearly marked we ended up not making the loop but backtracking to our start point.  This past Sunday we tried it again along with Young Daughter and her dog Fancy.  It wasn't nearly as windy as the first time we did the trail and it was sunny and mild and just perfect for a hike.
We accessed the trail from Sierra highway, followed the abandoned road under highway 14 and climbed the hill 'till we met the loop trail.  This time we went right instead of left and were able to follow the trail all the way around.  There are numerous side trails that look very interesting but those had to wait until another time.  All told the hike was six miles, some of it steep and rough but with good boots or shoes and a stout hiking staff it was no problem. 
Pictures courtesy of 3 Dog Days

Initially the trail follows SR 14 and you get a great view of the highway from up above but it is pretty noisy

When you leave the freeway behind you start to get the real hiking experience
The Missus and I enjoying the sun and fresh air
The area was heavily used for crude oil production and in some areas oil still seeps from the ground
Derelict machinery from the oil field days
Young Daughter and Fancy
The Grouch and the Missus having a rest
Overlooking Santa Clarita
Hiking is fun!

When we came back to the Jeep which has several Army stickers and veteran's plates on it someone had left a note on the windshield:  "Thanks for all you do to serve our country.  Grateful, Jeff"   What a nice person!  Wish Older Son's car had gotten the note since he served in Iraq and Gitmo.  The credit goes to him and to Young Daughter for both of their service.


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