Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snow Business

So I thought that my friends were too Southern California; you know, sun, surf, palm trees, roller blading along the beach...the whole SoCal thing.  When I heard it was snowing in the mountains I decided we needed to combine a shooting trip with a snow trip.  What a great idea!

Saturday morning at Grouch estates it was about 48F and partly cloudy but 35 minutes later and 3,500 feet higher it was in the high 20s, foggy, snowing like mad and blowing like a banshee.  Great shooting weather!

We drove up to the valley were we shoot in the spring and summer. This time 6" of snow covered the valley.   We set up, shot for an hour or so, got cold, had a great time, got everything snow covered and wet, decided to go home.  Just as we packed up the sun came out, the snow stopped the temperature went up and the mountains tried to lure us into staying for the rest of the day.  But, we had guns to clean and gear to dry so we headed on home.  Another successful trip!

Setting up the targets, the watermelons, and the jugs with blue and green water in them.

Getting set up to shoot in the snow.  The well prepared stayed warm!

That is a lot of snow!

Ready on the left?  Ready on the Right?  The line is ready....

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