Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walkin' in L.A. Part 1

The song says no one walks in L.A. but the Grouch family decided to do a walking tour of some sections of Los Angeles on Good Friday.  It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for some walkin' in L.A.

We loaded up the Missus' trusty Escape hybrid and headed to a neighborhood near the Hollywood Bowl.  Since L.A. is 'green' these days we figured the hybrid would give us good cred with the greenies in the area.  We were following two walking tours laid out in a book that charts interesting walks through various neighborhoods in the city.  

We parked in an interesting neighborhood built on the side of one of the ridges near the bowl.  The houses were unique and screamed 'money' just looking at them

We're ready to start the walk.  Uphill. Very uphill.

Going up, up, up!

Every type of house can be found here.  What a view!

One of the goals of the walk:  the elevator tower for the residents.  In order to access the houses higher up on the ridge this elevator is available for them to use.   Them, not us.  We didn't get to ride in it.  Boo!

Pretty cool!
Love the houses, the foliage and the Jeep!  Someone has good taste here.

Off to the Hollywood bowl next!

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  1. That's a beautiful neighborhood, but those hills...yikes!