Sunday, February 27, 2011

A sad day in the neighborhood

Another casualty of the modern depression: our favorite little burger joint "Cousins" is out of business.  For those who don't know Cousins, it opened in 1990 in a small store front between a donut shop and a 7-11.  The Missus and I went soon after it opened and ordered our food but discovered we were short a couple bucks to pay.  We told the owner who was also the cashier to cancel the order and we'd come back another day.  He told us not to worry about it and processed our order.  They did well, prospered, moved across the street to bigger digs, opened two more Cousins in town.  The cool thing is that the stores were in fact owned by Cousins!   The food was great although a bit pricey but of course you get what you pay for.  One store shut down a couple years ago as the recession turned into our depression but the other soldiered on.  Our local Cousins was still our favorite but was getting competition for our business from a new chain that moved in: "Five Guys".   We didn't stop going to Cousins but we didn't go as often.  On our walk yesterday we passed by Cousins.  The doors were locked and there was an eviction notice on the door.   I guess there is a chance they will show up somewhere else but I don't have a lot of hope.  And yes, I feel guilty for not patronizing them as much as I had.   Sad times....

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  1. That is sad! The crowd at 5 Guys was huge but I did not think the food was better. Plus, 5 Guys does not have milkshakes, do they? I think 5 Guys is doing well because people in our town are snobs and want to eat at trendy places like "The Patios" and the shopping center that had Cousins is one of the oldest ones around.