Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie night

So, yesterday I introduced young son to the best swashbuckling movie made in the last 35 years.  I saw this movie shortly before I left for basic training and I was mesmerized by it.  I've seen it over and over again since then and although not everyone (or anyone) seems to have the same appreciation for it that I do it was fun to watch it with him and see him enjoying it too.   It is semi-historical and somewhat prophetic in its treatment of the conflict between the West and Islam and the swaggering attitude of the U.S. in its refusal to accept bad behavior on the part of bad people.  The movie?   Wind and the Lion.

The Risuli versus the United States and a beautiful woman in peril.  Manly deeds done well, the U.S. trumping the weak and scheming European powers, and the Marines carrying the day.  What could be better!
Tomorrow we may sit down to watch 'The Wild Geese'.
Old guys doing one last merc job in Africa and discovering that idealism does matter.  It is a very 70s movie but moving in its own way.  The Missus cannot watch the scene at the airfield, it is too sad for her.

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