Friday, February 25, 2011

The end of American Civilization

I'm seeing more and more of these dog strollers in action.  I saw a young woman proudly pushing a stroller down the sidewalk the other day.  She had a smile on her face and I thought how nice, taking the baby for a stroll.  Then when she passed me I saw that there was a dog in the stroller! Yet again a dog in a stroller!  This is at least the 5th one of these I've seen and not just in the land of nuts.  I even saw one in use in Lovelock NV, in the heart of rodeos and ranching!

 Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final sign of the end of American civilization.   People have lost their minds.  In the far future scholars will wonder what the break point was for the decline and fall of America.  This was it.

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  1. Maybe the dog is old and feeble and that is the only way for them to go for a walk? Don't forget I took Bloom on bike rides in a backpack since he couldn't keep up with Fancy, and of course Blossom got to ride in the pack on the infamous Big Bear hike.

    But I agree it is completely pointless to take a healthy dog for a walk in a stroller. Poor dog would probably rather be walking also. You have to wonder why someone would spend the money? And who would think their dog would be happier in a stroller than walking along?

    At least when you see the women clutching their tiny dogs to their chests while walking along or in a store they are getting the satisfaction of holding something soft and (presumably) cute. No satisfaction is to be had from pushing a dog.

    Maybe it is better exercise for the person than walking?

    Although one more thing I will say is this has been going on for longer than you realize, because there is a James Herriot story from before WWI where he met up with a guy pushing his large breed dog in a "pram." The guy told him sometimes the dog likes to walk and sometimes he likes to ride. The pram also held the guys personal belongings.