Friday, December 23, 2016

Office Christmas Party afloat!

Many people get to attend a Christmas office party.  Not so many people have their holiday party on board a cruise ship!

The Missus and I were invited to board the Ruby Princess, moored at San Pedro last Saturday to join her co-workers for a really great treat. 

After boarding the ship we were treated to carolers and a tasty snack in one of the ship's buffet rooms, then we had time to tour part of the ship.

Next came a prime beef lunch (which was more like dinner and way more than we could finish), then a speech by the company president, some gifts were raffled (the Missus didn't win anything sadly) and then we got another treat: a floor show with singing, dancing, and magic, done very well I must say.

Time for a bit more ship touring and back on the dock and on our way home.

My office parties were never like this!

The carolers who sang for us at the pre-lunch snack and again at lunch.

With the Missus' co-worker and husband

I bet that pool feels good in the summer!
"Pictures or it didn't happen"

The U.S.S. Iowa moored nearby

Entertainment in the atrium - these guys were enthusiastic and good.


This should be called "death by chocolate"  It was good.

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