Sunday, December 18, 2016

the Little Tree that Could

For decades the Grouch family had been getting the family Christmas tree from the U-cut it lot in town.  It was a family tradition to find, measure, assess, cut, transport, and set up the freshly cut tree.  We would always put down a full sheet of plywood and with much gritting of teeth and tapping of nails, set up the electric trains.  It was quite the production.

Two years ago the Grinch company that owned the land which the U-cut it tree lot leased took back the land  and the tree biz was kicked out.  No more cutting down fresh trees for us.

Last year a friend of the Missus got us a monster 8 ft tree through a school fund raiser.  The trees were cut in Oregon and raced down the coast into our hands.  The trees were so fresh and so heavy that Young Son and I struggled to get the tree set up.  In fact we had to get a plus size tree stand to handle the weight and trunk diameter of the monster tree.  It was a great tree and it supplied some good firewood for our future fireplace fires.  Alas, that was the last year for the school fund raiser.

So this year Young Son and I had to go to the tree lot at the local home improvement store to buy a tree.  A tall tree was 5 ft, and most were even shorter than that.  There were a lot of Charlie Brown type trees for sale.   We picked out the tallest and best proportioned tree we could find.  All five feet of it.

The tree was so short we skipped the usual giant piece of plywood and the electric trains and went to a small piece of plywood and some Lego train track and cars.

Only about a third of the ornaments were used and new mini lights needed to be bought and placed on the tree but when it was done it didn't look half bad.  Not bad at all!

So here it is, the little tree that could did bring Christmas cheer and happiness to the Grouch household!

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