Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Revolt of the Machines - continued....

So the other day Young Son came into the house with his face grim and announced that his car needed to go to the repair shop.  He said it with such seriousness that I was suddenly concerned that the engine had fallen out the bottom of the little red Fiat and was laying spread across the street.

Fortunately instead of the engine falling out, the driver's window had fallen down inside the door.  He had managed to get it up part way and there it sat.  I pulled it up the rest of the way and lodged a piece of cardboard in the track to hold the window in place for his drive to the repair shop the next day.

That evening the Missus came to me to say something was wrong with the clothes dryer.  It was running but not making any heat.  I did my best: I unplugged it and plugged it back in but no bueno, Considering how old the dryer was, it looked like it was time for a new one.

While we were waiting for the new dryer to be delivered I detected a strange sound coming from the dish washer - kind of a muffled keening,  like a warning of impending doom - or a bearing failure those being the same thing.  I told it firmly that we were not having any of that nonsense in this house and to keep cleaning those dishes.

Don't they say these things come in threes?


  1. We feel your pain!! House repairs are the worst.

  2. Everything in our house is now 11 years old and we fear that someday soon we will need to replace everything.