Sunday, April 10, 2016

Star Trek Heaven Update

The Missus, Young Son, and I traveled to the Pantages theater in Hollywood last Sunday to see and hear the 50th anniversary orchestral and visual tribute to the Star Trek universe.

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The theater was packed with Star Trek fans with what looked to be not a seat left unfilled.  Some attendees were wearing Federation Fleet uniforms and one young lady sported a dress made from Star Trek print fabric!

The music was great, taken from the various shows and movies and accompanied by film clips on the big screen.  Everyone including us enjoyed it immensely and even if the performance hadn't been wonderful, the people watching was great fun in itself!

If you have the chance and are at all a Star Trek fan ( I saw the first episode when it aired in 1966 and immediately dropped my allegiance to Lost in Space and switched wholeheartedly to Star Trek) I highly recommend this production if you are lucky enough to have it stop in your home town.

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