Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Brooklyn" movie review

Last night the Missus and I rented the movie "Brooklyn".  It is the story of a young Irish woman in the early 1950s who emigrates from Ireland to Brooklyn.  

It is a quiet story, happy and sad and full of wonderful Irish brogues and lots of Irish red hair.  The woman (more a girl at first) is sad and desperately homesick in Brooklyn on her own and living in a boardinghouse with other mostly Irish girls but in time she begins to make a life for herself until suddenly she must return to Ireland.   

It is a movie were the priest is kindly, the girls in the boarding house who seem to be catty are actually nice, the Italian-American boy who loves Irish girls is a short just how we wish live to be.

The movie gets the period right, all the way down to the fashions and the look of the streets.

I enjoyed it a lot and highly recommend it.  4 stars

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