Monday, April 18, 2016

P-51 Mustang - Cadillac of the Skies! (for my birthday)

So here it is, my 62nd birthday which finds me eligible for Social Security and certainly eligible for AARP (I'm not taking either, thanks).  Feeling like what could happen on a birthday when I'm getting older and closer to geezerhood, when my loving wife and children presented me with a certificate for a ride on a genuine P-51 Mustang WW2 fighter!!!!   Suddenly 62 is looking like a really good age to be.

The Mustang is everyone's favorite warbird, and how can it not be with its combination of beauty, speed, and barely suppressed lethality?

Here is a  short dramatic presentation of the Mustang in action from the excellent film "Empire of the Sun". The scene has violence as it is portraying wartime so be warned.  The whole film is very much worth seeing.

Thanks so very much to the Missus and the Grouch kids.  You have made my decade and the best birthday present ever, even surpassing my bike on my 11th birthday!

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