Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof heats up the old home town

So, last weekend the Missus and I went to see "A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" at the local repertory theater.  The play was ok, the actors were good, especially the actress playing Maggie who was spilling out of her costume through much of the show.  We gave it an overall 'not bad'.

Imagine our surprise today when we read in the local paper that a heckler was harassing Big Daddy during a performance of the play who then confronted said heckler and had him physically ejected from the show.  Wow!  That is amazing on a couple levels, the first being that many of the typical audience at live theater in our area are in the Greatest Generation demographics.  Envisioning one of these super-senior citizens heckling a cast member is something that would be beyond interesting to see.  Secondly, the guy playing Big Daddy looked the part for sure, not someone that I personally would want to annoy to the point that we stormed off the stage and on a collision course with me (if I was a heckler, which I'm not and wouldn't be).

The story was good enough that it made my favorite news story compiler, the "Drudge Report" who in turn linked to the story from our local CBS affiliate.  Read it below:


Glad we saw the show sans heckler!

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