Monday, June 23, 2014

Young Daughter goes hog wild!

So, over the weekend Young Daughter revealed that she has been a motorcycle rider and owner for about the last three months. Figuring that I would worry significantly about her riding a motorcycle she delayed telling me but the story had to be told eventually so she let fly with the information during a phone conversation with her mother.  At the appropriate time the Missus said to me that YD had something to tell me.

I'm glad she told me (finally) and yes I am worrying about her now but she is an adult and able to make her own choices in life.

Young Daughter followed the Goldilocks approach to motorcycles.  The Suzuki was too small, the Honda was too big, and the Harley Davidson is just right - for her.  She looks good on it and the bike's exhaust isn't loudly obnoxious but still has the Harley chug sound to it.

Young Daughter says riding her Harley is the most fun she's had in  a long time.  Please, everyone, keep your eyes open and leave her some room on the road!

Ignition - contact!  Oops, that is what you say when starting a Sopwith Camel

Young Daughter in charge and ready to ride

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