Sunday, June 15, 2014

Citizen Grouch sees "Edge of Tomorrow"

The Missus, Young Daughter, and I went to see "Edge of Tomorrow" yesterday for a pre-father's day celebration.  The movie starring Tom Cruise was great and lots of fun.  The title is dopey and doesn't do anything to make someone want to see it.  In case you know nothing of the movie, it is a sci-fi adventure that merges "Ground Hog Day" with "Starship Troopers".   Some time in the near future the Earth is battling an alien invasion in Europe; Tom Cruise's character is a O-4 Major PR flack detailed by the Eisenhower of the day to be in the first wave of the modern D Day invasion from the UK to France to roll the invaders back. He is supposed to 'sell' the planet on the success of the invasion.  Being the cowardly sort he declines to go, gets busted to Private and sent off in the invasion force the next day with no training where he is killed; only to wake up at the exact same spot 24 hours earlier and goes on to replay the day over and over again, each time getting a bit further along.

It was a lot of fun to watch and great performances from one and all.  Just a few quibbles as a military type guy:

1. There didn't seem to be any pre-landing artillery or missile prep of the battlefield.  The infantry just got dropped right on top of the enemy at the beach.
2. I didn't see any AFVs, just masses of soldiers.
3. No air support except for what looked like a couple of Apache type attack helos
4. No crew served weapons or individual AT type weapons capable of taking out really large and bad aliens with one shot.  All they seemed to have was a full auto 5.56mm rifle and grenades.
5. With the amazing capabilities that the aliens showed in the movie, what had confined them to Western and Central Europe?  They should've overrun the entire continent by the time of the movie.

The mech exoskeleton was a nice touch and something that the Army is working on right now.

All of that said it was exciting, funny in some spots, and enjoyable to see Cruise's character grow from the panicking guy only worried about saving his skin to a modern day Audie Murphy who has plans to save the world.

Fours Stars!

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