Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!  Last Friday was the big Six Oh for me and my loving family made sure that it was the best birthday ever.  Unfortunately time and distance made it impossible for all of us to gather to celebrate but the Grouch clan made up for it with phone calls, cards, a letter, dinners (yes, plural!) out, and several wonderful presents. 
The children led by eldest daughter put together this wonderful combination birthday tribute and updated photos of each one of them plus little ladybug!  I loved each of the pictures, eldest son standing in front of T.R. is great!  The picture has place of honor in my office.
The Missus decreed that a 60th birthday plus attaining my Master's degree, and finally retiring from all things military called for another memorable present.  She set the budget and this is what I purchased in her name.  The king of all handguns, Colt's automatic pistol model of 1911 series 80 caliber .45.  It is an arm that will be passed from generation to generation.  I carried a 1911A1 .45 off and on during my military service over the years.  No shots were ever fired in anger by me with the .45 pistol that I was issued but its weight and bulk in the black leather holster on my GI web belt was a comforting feeling during field duty during the Cold war.

Thanks to my wife, my children and grand daughter, my siblings and friends who made my 60th birthday a memorable one!

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