Saturday, January 25, 2014

Young Son, Entrepreneur

Young Son is using is considerable computer skills, his innate artistic talent, and his love for the MLP show to design, produce, and market what is known as 'fan art' posters.  It has been interesting to see him learn about production costs and profits, marketing concepts and order fulfillment.  So far he's sold two posters after a day's offering of them for sale on the internet.  He's had inquiries all the way from Spain for cryin' out loud! 

I want to give him kudos for another project he took on:   he tracked down one of the performers from MLP and asked the person to sign one of his posters so that it would be offered in a charity auction on the internet.  The performer very graciously agreed to do so and star struck Young Son spent an enjoyable 45 minutes with the performer for the signing and conversation.  Young Son gets nothing from this and isn't using any of this in his fledgling poster offering; all he gets is the knowledge that he's done something selfless for the less fortunate.  

He is indeed a great young man.


  1. Yay Young Son! Good job on the posters and good job on the charity event also. Young son should take be a business major.

  2. Wow! Where can we see the posters that are for sale?