Saturday, January 25, 2014

Say guys let's build a rocket and go into space!

As a kid science fiction fan I watched many a movie where some guys in a lab (and the professor's brainy and beautiful daughter) decide that they need to build a manned rocket and head to space.  I saw so many of these movies that I thought that this was how it was done and that whole NASA thing was small potatoes compared to what had to be going on out in the Mojave desert where those guys in the lab were probably just about done with their private enterprise built man into space rocket.  Sadly and alas, it didn't come to pass.  Why should private enterprise pay for it when the government was ready and willing to lavish staggering amounts of money via cost plus contracts to get men into space?
Well, I had no problem with that approach.  It worked and it was fast and done well.  
This is the kind of movie that lead me to believe that some guys with desire and ability could get into space on their own.

The cool thing now is that the era that I thought was happening in the 50s and early 60s is finally here.  This small company is indeed building a rocket (plane) into space.  It isn't exactly on a shoe string but fairly close.  Check out the way that they did their high speed taxi testing of the Dream Chaser!   I can't wait to see this work and work in a spectacular manner.  Go Dream Chaser!

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