Sunday, January 12, 2014

UFO over Grouch Estates!

The other day the Missus spied a UFO hovering over the Grouch neighborhood and rushed in to tell us to come outside and see!
Actually she told us to come see the strange cloud overhead but as we well know, UFOs hide inside cloud formations to be concealed from us Earthlings.  Good thing our protecto-caps  are always on when outside so that our brains are safe from alien scanning!
Fortunately nothing emerged from the cloud, but as we know, always be ready!
The mysterious cloud
A close-up....nothing to be seen from here
What may have been hiding inside!

Modeling the latest version of the UFO anti-brain scan protecto-cap

This is what may happen without adequate protection!

Sometimes a home owner has to take matters into his own hands when the aliens ignore the "no soliciting" sign at the property line!
Never mind, Young Son just informed me that what we saw was a fallstreak hole cloud.
Wikipedia will tell you all you need to know about them here:
Still and all, be careful when you see a cloud like never know what may be hiding in it!

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