Thursday, January 16, 2014

Remember when....

Cars and pickup trucks had bench seats in the front and high school sweethearts always had the girlfriend in the middle of the seat sitting next to the boy who was driving?  I haven't seen that for years but the other day I saw an early 70s F150 pickup with a teenage girl sitting next to the boy driving the truck.  Nostalgia jumped up and smacked me in the face as soon as I saw that. I was instantly back in high school in 1972.

The cars are a lot better these days but some things have gone the wrong way.  The fading away of the bench seat is one of them.  Now you don't know if the boy and girl in a car are friends or sweethearts. 

A First date back in the day had the girl and boy at opposite ends of the car seat.  When she sat next to you on the seat of the car when you were going out on a date you knew that you weren't just friends anymore.

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