Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RIP Hans Riegel


So, when we moved to West Germany in 1978 we discovered that not too far away from our river town of Kitzingen was a gummi bear factory and outlet.  Who knew that outlet stores existed for gummi bears and even better, that they sold gummi snakes, devils, coke bottles...all sorts of great things to stick you teeth together and pull the fillings right out of your molars!  Many factories smell bad - ever been near a paper mill for example?  Not a gummi bear factory; we could smell the sweetness of the bears several kilometers away from the place.  Yum!

The gummi bear baron himself recently passed away at age 90.  he, along with his brother, brought many smiles and some cavities to children and adults around the world.

Rest in peace Herr Riegel.

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